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worker mobility has catalysed demand
for virtualized vocational training 

VR has the potential to transform vocational training and certification.  
Three critical skills are required:

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Welcome to Finland's Virtual Learning Cluster

Leading the transformation of vocational training through virtualization - with (1) learning-centric vocational pedagogies, (2) VR applications and gamification, and (3) assessment and certification

You are reading this because you know vocational training excellence is not just about the training. It is about the right assessment beforehand, and the right certification at the end. 
You also know Finland's famous approach to education and vocational training has been of service to many countries and their vocational and educational entities.
Decision-makers accountable for learning results know they can count on Finland to deliver. 
Deep experience in sectors
  • Construction
  • Health care
  • Nuclear energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Forestry
  • Policing
  • Services
  • Agriculture
  • ...and much more
For years we have been applying virtual reality to transform yesterday's reactive, classroom-based vocational training. We have experience, and we deliver measurable results. 
We started with a transformative vision. We have applied our learner-centric approach to re-invent the whole cycle. We apply gaming skills, AI and hardware technology to transform vocational training and certification. We can show you how the use of AI for assessment and certification is eliminating the bias that is such a challenge for companies worldwide.
And these skills are available to transform vocational training and Certification for our international customers. 
Coronavirus is a wakeup call. The world is facing unprecedented demand for virtual vocational training. It's not just about replacing classrooms and mediocre trainers, it's about new kinds of training - in healthcare, construction, services and manufacturing.
Finland's three offers to transform your vocational training system
  1. Design and blueprint a more effective system We can advise any government and industry sector on how to set up an integrated VR vocational training system - from the regulation, a uniform set of standards, universal training and certification requirements
  2. Equip you with advanced training programs and platforms to fit a specific training challenge
    • Worker-centric training in key industries
    • Unique tools including standards, AI-assisted VR certification, real-time NLP tools for live environments including construction, healthcare and others
  3. Provide products and services Finland designs and makes physical safety equipment, digital platforms for efficiency, materials management, operations, information integration etc
Here in Finland we are using AI to redefine certification. We are using simultaneous natural language translation to help multiple cultures learn to work together. We are taking training to the job site where virtual environments become micro-learning moments to boost worker quality and productivity every day. 
Below are the founding members of Finland's Virtual Learning Cluster. We have a track record in virtual vocational training, and the pedagogical, content and certification skills to work with you on your vocational training challenges - in any country, language, and industry. 
The benefit to you is that we harness exactly the right components of Finland's expertise that are relevant to your problem. The presence of Applied Sciences universities is that we bring all the right research to help you overcome your challenges.
Please write to: Mika Luimula or Mark Linder

Founding members of Finland's Virtual Learning Cluster

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